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FAQs for Parents and Campers

Below you will find answers to many of our frequently asked questions. After reading through them if you still have questions please contact Jeff 'Starship' Dickmann, our Camping Services Director.

Contact Jeff


How is Camp Greider responding to Covid-19?

For the 2021 summer, Camp Greider followed the Youth Program Guidelines released by the Oregon Health Authority. As a result, Greider operated a little different than previous years. We are still waiting for the final guidelines for the 2022 Summer. Below are changes we had to make for 2021 and will be updating as we receive more information from Oregon Health Authority. 

Best practice to reduce the possible spread of covid will include:

  1. Washing and sanitizing hands often
  2. Extra sanitization and cleaning of high use areas (bathrooms, program areas, busses)

Cohorts: To reduce the risk of possible Covid exposures, camp will operate with cohorts of 30 campers and each cohort broken up into smaller groups of 10, as in years past.

  • Camp Greider will have three cohorts a week. Cohorts A & B will be arriving by bus and Cohort C which will drop off at camp. Cohorts A & B will be split (approximately) as follows: Cohort A (1st - 3rd grade) and Cohort B (4th - 7th grade).
  • We will ask that campers limit interactions with those outside of their assigned cohort.

Face Masks: Masks will be required when indoors, on the bus, or within 6 feet of one another.

Camp may look different this year but the same core aspects will stay the same. We will still be a place for children to try new things, meet new people, and enjoy time in the outdoors.

Health Procedures

Health Screenings: Each day all campers and staff will complete a brief health screening. The health screening will include a temperature and symptom check.

If your child is feeling unwell, please keep them home in the best interest of all others in attendance. Any campers showing symptoms of an illness will have their parents contact and sent home.  

Medications: If your camper requires medication during their time at Camp Greider it must be turned in to the Camp Director (or designated staff member) in the original container. We will administer medication following the directions given by a medical provider present on the container.

  • Campers should continue to follow their regularly scheduled medications, even while attending camp. Routines may be different and continuing their regular medication allows campers to have the most successful experience.

First Aid: Minor injuries while at camp will be treated according to best practice. Parents will be notified if their camper had any first aid or health concerns during the day. Camp Greider staff are certified in First Aid and CPR.

    You will be notified if your child:

  • Has a temperature of 100 degrees
  • Has 2 loose stools or vomits
  • Has green discharge from nose and/or eyes or any type of eye infection
  • Has chickenpox, scabies, or another contagious disease
  • Has what appears to be head lice
  • Has an allergic reaction
  • Receives an injury more than a minor scrape or cut

If any of these occur, we will make a determination about your child returning home or remaining in camp.

Health History Forms: Camper Health History Forms must be filled out and turned in the first day of camp. The information you provide will be shared only with designated health staff and other staff members who must know to directly provide care for your camper.

  • Please be as detailed as possible while completing the form. The information provided does not prevent your child from attending camp, it simply allows our health staff to make informed decisions regarding your child's care. Children with Asthma, Heart Defect/Disease, Seizures, Diabetes, or Bleeding/Clotting Disorders require a physician's authorization to attend camp.
  • If your family does not immunize, please complete a waiver available at the Family YMCA of Marion and Polk County.
  • In the event of a major injury or illness, the Camp Director and health staff will assess the situation. If necessary, staff will seek appropriate medical attention and contact parents. This could include calling an ambulance to transport the child to Salem Hospital.
Behavior Guidelines

In order to create a safe and fun camp environment, we ask campers to follow three basic guidelines

  • Respect Yourself: Speak kindly about oneself, maintain personal hygiene, following rules.
  • Respect Others: Speak kindly to others, hands to yourself, respecting personal property.
  • Respect Camp: Causing no harm to camp gear, buildings, trails, respecting activities at camp.

If your child has any behavioral or emotional concerns or diagnosis that may impact their experience at camp, please contact the Camp Director so we can create a plan so they can have an excellent experience at camp. Our staff is trained in providing support to a wide variety of children and we look forward to getting to know your child and helping them enjoy Camp Greider.



Camp Greider has a no-tolerance policy for bullying. We define bullying as physical (hitting, tripping), verbal (name-calling, belittling, humiliating), and social (exclusion, coercion). We recognize that conflict between children can occur and we work to provide children opportunities where they can be socially successful. We train our staff to recognize bullying behavior which is not necessarily a single event but can escalate into multiple events. The camp will not tolerate these behaviors in person or via electronic devices. Our camp staff has been trained on how to provide clear expectations for campers, guide them to make positive choices, and be consistent while working with all.

If a child is unable to follow camp rules or participates in escalating bullying behavior, they will work with their counselor, program staff, and if necessary, the Camp Director in order to solve the situation that is occurring. We will make every effort to meet the needs of the campers and seek a solution for a positive camp experience. Parents will be notified if a camper is not being successful in following rules at camp. On occasion, campers who choose to continue disregarding camp rules will be dismissed from camp.

Any campers dismissed from camp for bullying behavior will not have their camp fees refunded.

What does a typical day look like at Camp Greider?

7:30 - Extended care starts at Drop Off Site

8:15 - Bus leaves Drop Off Site

8:45 - Bus arrives at Camp Greider

8:50 - Flag

9:00 - Critter Talk and Values

9:15 - Snack/Group time

9:45 - Skill group 1

10:45 - Skill group 2

11:45 - Lunch

12:15 - Pool/Water Activity

1:15 - Large group game/Campers choice

3:00 - Snack

3:30 - Group time

4:15 - Flag

4:30 - Bus Departs Camp Greider

5:00 - Bus arrives at Drop Off Site

5:30 - Extended care ends at Drop Off Site

How does drop off and pick up work?

The bus is scheduled to leave the drop off site at 8:15 AM and return at 5:00 PM. We are working with Salem-Keizer School District to confirm a school site for drop-off and pick-up. Once a site is confirmed, we will be updating this page and contacting all registered campers.

We ask that you abide by the following guidelines to ensure smooth drop offs and pick ups.

  1. Bring your completed Health History form on the first day of programming, if not returned to camp prior to the week.
  2. Each day you will be signing your camper in and out with a staff member. At pick-up, we will be checking IDs to ensure campers are going home with the correct person. Please have your ID ready at pick up to help the speed up the process.
  3. We ask that parents/guardians do not leave without signing their camper in or out.

In the event of emergencies where the time or location of drop-off and pick-up is changed, Camp Greider will reach out to all registered families to inform them of the change. If possible, we will have a Camp Greider or YMCA Staff member present at the original drop-off/pick-up site to inform any families we were not able to contact.

What should my camper bring to camp?

Campers will be prepared for each day by bringing the following items:

  • Backpack
  • Water Bottle
  • Lunch
  • Sunscreen
  • Appropriate Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Facemasks
  • Snacks

Please label items sent to camp with your camper. We do get messy and wet, please consider that when sending belongings.

Camp is not responsible for lost/stolen or broken items.

Things that should be left at home include:

  • Personal sports equipment
  • Electronic devices (such as phones, tablets, laptops)
  • Candy/gum
  • Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, vaping pens
  • Weapons or explosives (such as knives, fireworks, lighters)
  • Personal Vehicles
What should my camper wear?

Camp Greider is an outdoor day camp and we recommend families send their child in clothing that can get dirty and wet. Campers must wear close-toed shoes suitable for running/hiking OR sandals with a backstrap.

Please dress for the weather and be prepared for rain. 

How does bus transportation work for Camp Greider?

Transportation to and from Camp Greider is provided. Our drop-off and pick-up location for Summer 2022 is still being determined with Salem-Keizer Schools and we will be updating this page and contacting all registered families when a site is confirmed. 

Camp Greider busses will leave the drop-off location at 8:15 AM. They will return to the pick-up location at 5:00 PM.

Transportation Guidelines:

  1. Please be on time. The YMCA uses the busses to transport other summer programs and it is important we respect the drivers time and other YMCA programs.
  2. Campers may not load the bus until directed by a Camp Greider staff member. The bus driver will provide guidance or how to safely load and unload the busses.
  3. All bus safety procedures are to be followed per the bus driver and camp staff. Campers must remain seated at all times and may only stand to exit the bus after the driver has secured the bus and given permission. Campers must keep all body parts inside the bus and the aisles clear during travel.