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At the YMCA of Marion and Polk Counties, we believe in saying “Yes!”  We also believe in the power of community. Our Impact Partners program is designed to help us continue saying “yes,” by empowering people to make a meaningful and lasting impact within our communities.

Why Impact Partners?

We understand that giving back should be accessible to everyone, and that's what this program is all about. It's about joining hands as neighbors, friends, and community members to create positive change and continue saying “yes” to those who need our resources the most.

How Does it Work?

Inclusive Giving: You can contribute any amount you're comfortable with, starting as low as $5 per month. Every dollar counts, and every partner’s participation matters.

Direct Local Impact: Your contributions go directly to supporting local community programs and initiatives run by the YMCA of Marion and Polk Counties.

Separate from Membership Fees: Impact Partners’ donations are separate from membership fees, ensuring you have a direct impact on our community.

Getting Started is Easy

Online Enrollment: Sign up online by clicking the link below. Or simply enroll as an Impact Partner during your membership registration process. 

In-Person Assistance: If you prefer, our friendly staff at your local YMCA branch can assist you with enrollment.

Join Us Today!

Together, we can achieve more. Become an Impact Partner and join us as we provide stability, health, and well-being for all. Your contributions, no matter the size, add up to create a powerful force for positive change.

Become an Impact Partner Today

For more information, please contact Kari Timmerman 

Need to make a change or even pause your monthly gift? CLICK HERE to fill out the change form.