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Swim Teams Ages 6-18 

  • Seasons: Year-Around

  • Location: Silverton

  • Cost: 

Want to swim competitively in a fun and positive environment? Join the team!

Swim team participants improve individual skills while swimming competitively. Your coaches will focus on proper technique while you improve your endurance, learn teamwork, and make friends. Call 503.873.6456 for more information.



The green team welcomes all swimmers and providers an opportunity to improve strokes and technique. No tryouts are required for this team. Swimmers train one hour a day, twice a week. During this time, they receive one on one instruction in order to meet their individual needs.


The blue team welcomes all intermediate swimmers. Tryouts are required for this team. Swimmers practice three days a week, an hour each day. Swimmers work to improve endurance and learn advanced techniques.


The white team is a USA competition team. This team is highly competitive, and tryouts are required. This team practices five days a week for an hour and a half each day plus dryland workouts for 30 minutes twice a week.